12 July - 6 August 2010; Amsterdam, Netherlands


The eNTERFACE workshops aim at establishing a tradition of collaborative, localized research and development work by gathering, in a single place, a team of leading professionals in multimodal man-machine interfaces together with students (both graduate and undergraduate), to work on a pre-specified list of challenges, for 4 complete weeks. In this respect, it is an innovative and intensive collaboration scheme, designed to allow researchers to integrate their software tools, deploy demonstrators, collect novel databases, and work side by side with a great number of experts.

Outcomes of synergy and success stories of past eNTERFACE Workshops held in Mons (2005), Dubrovnik (2006), Istanbul (2007), Paris (2008), and Genova (2009) can be seen at www.enterface.net. Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam of the University of Amsterdam is organizing the 2010 edition of the Workshop.
Senior researchers, PhD, MS, or undergraduate students interested in participating at the Workshop should send their application by emailing the Organizing Committee at a.a.salah@uva.nl on or before February 15, 2010. The application should contain:
- A short CV
- A list of three preferred projects to work on
- A list of interests/skills to offer for these projects.
The workshop is free for all participants, but participants must procure their own travel and accommodation expenses. Information about the venue and accommodation are provided on the eNTERFACE’10 website (http://enterface10.science.uva.nl).
eNTERFACE’10 will welcome students, researchers, and seniors, working in teams on the following projects:
#01 CoMediAnnotate: a usable multimodal annotation framework
#02 Looking around in a virtual world
#03 Parameterized user modelling of people with disabilities and simulation of their behaviour in a virtual environment
#04 Continuous interaction for ECAs
#05 Multimodal Speaker Verification in NonStationary Noise Environments
#06 Vision based Hand Puppet
#07 Audio-visual speech recognition
#08 Affect-responsive interactive photo-frame
#09 Automatic Fingersign to Speech Translator
#10 Design and Usability Issues for Multimodal Cues in Interface Design/Virtual Environments
Full descriptions of the projects are available at http://enterface10.science.uva.nl/projectsTeams.php

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